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Sonata for Cello and Piano World Premiere by martha & monica

Inspiration for the Sonata:
During the past year, the level of global unrest and all of the varied expressions of it here and abroad were totally new to me. The goings on affected me in ways that I found difficult to discuss, and even harder to shake off. While trying to follow each flare-up and its aftermath in the news, one story kept returning to me again and again. From the earliest sketches for the Cello Sonata, it became clear that the inspiring yet disturbing story of Mohammed Bouazizi’s life, struggle, and eventual self-immolation would inform most of the emotional landscape for the piece.

martha & monica:
When writing music based on such sensitive source material, finding the right musical partnership is absolutely critical. I’ve always been attracted to musicians who maintain life-long relationships with great pieces of music, making the unfathomable masterpieces into an old dear friend: adoring, playing, bickering, reconciling – all the while mining for new works that can enter the fold. I was deeply honored to be asked to write this work by the duet martha & monica. The intimately collaborative process has allowed me to experiment with a wide variety of musical ideas gathered from the traditional Persian Radif, while leveraging the technical prowess, depth of tone, and command of texture that these two amazing musicians bring to all of their interpretations. –Omid Zoufonoun, September 2012
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