Bill Horvitz Expanded Band

The Bill Horvitz Expanded Band is a 17-piece conducted ensemble that plays original works drawing on jazz, funk, folk, and contemporary classical music. The band includes a stellar line up of some of the Bay Area’s finest instrumentalists and improvisors. The compositions are highly composed and arranged and also contain sections of conducted improvisation, at which point conductor Omid Zoufonoun spontaneously brings instruments in and out to create solo and small group improvisations before returning to the scored arrangement.

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THE LONG WALK is composer Bill Horvitz’s moving and inspiring multi-song tribute to his late brother Philip, an inspired writer, director, actor, dancer, and choreographer. Explains Horvitz, “Philip was a man who deeply loved many kinds of music. He was generous and kind, playful and curious, dramatic and impassioned. He had the largest group of extremely close friends of anyone I’ve ever known.” Composed after Philip passed away suddenly of heart failure on March 30, 2005, The Long Walk incorporates the same characteristics—playfulness, curiosity, generosity of spirit—that defined Philip during his short but extraordinary life.
“About a year after Philip died,” says Horvitz, “I began hearing the beginnings of new compositions that felt in some way related to him. I spent the next many months composing the music and imagining the group of players I would like to have perform. As I wrote, I realized that I wanted a fairly large ensemble that included instruments from jazz as well as some more often found in chamber groups. The resulting pieces are a mix of folk, jazz, funk, and new-music works that have come out of the enormous range of emotions I’ve felt since Philip’s death, and though they are not ‘his music,’ they have been influenced by him nonetheless. “
Many of the pieces that comprise The Long Walk have been performed in the Bay Area and in New York City to extremely enthusiastic audiences. The program has a universal appeal, beautifully illustrating how the loss of someone very close can be turned into a work of healing, acceptance, and love.


On January 22 and 23, Omid conducted the Bill Horvitz Expanded Band during recording sessions at Fantasy Studios in Emeryville, CA.  Below is a list of the musicians. All photos © Robert Holt.
Kyle Bruckman, Oboe/English Horn
Aram Shelton, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet
Michael Cooke, Bassoon
Steve Adams, Alto Saxophone/Flute
Cory Wright, Tenor Saxophone
Jon Raskin, Baritone Saxophone
George Hines, French Horn
Darren Johnston, Trumpet
Hal Forman, Trumpet
Ned Haran, Trombone
Nate Riebli, Tuba
Sarah Zaharako, Violin
Shirley Hunt, Cello
Bill Horvitz, Guitar
Wayne Horvitz, Piano
Dan Seamans, Bass
Vijay Anderson, Drums
Omid Zoufonoun, Conductor

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