The Persian Songbook Project

Nine iconic Persian songs from Morgh-e Sahar to Emshab Shabhe Mahtaab re-imagined for classical guitar and solo voice by Omid.  Performed with brother and vocalist Amir Zoufonoun, The Persian Songbook Project renders the original Persian vocal inflections and rich poetry with haunting harmonies and subtle shades of color.  Album soon to be released.
Excerpt from Morgh-e Sahar (by Neydavood | Arranged by O. Zoufonoun):
[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Morgh-e Sahar (Morning Bird)” dl=”0″]
Lyrics by Malek o-Sho’arā Bahār (English translation):
Morning bird, begin your wailing lament renew my stigma’s sting. With a sigh that rains fire, break this cage and overturn it.
Flightless nightingale, come out from the corner of your cage
and sing humanity’s song of freedom,
and with a single breath
fill the vastness of this massive earth with flames.
The Tyrant’s Tyranny, the hunter’s cruelty
have scattered my nest to the wind.
Oh god, Oh heavens, Oh nature
turn my night’s darkness into dawn.
It’s a new a spring
the flowers have bloomed
the clouds in my eyes are filled with dew.
This cage, like my heart, is constricted and dark;
Oh fiery sigh, engulf it in flames.
Nature’s hand, don’t pluck the flower of my life
but, fresh flower through lover’s eyes:
Prolong it! Prolong it! Prolong it!
Heartsick bird, the tale of separation:
Curtail it! Curtail it! Curtail it!




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